Get emotional.

Or throw your content out the window.

You can't move people to action if they have not bought in emotionally.

The corporate world knows this (think Nike, Apple and John Hancock). And so do forward-thinking nonprofits (think "One", Charity: Water and Make-A-Wish campaigns).

"People 'buy in' with emotion.

They justify their decision to buy with logic."

Let's face it. We humans are emotional creatures. We feel fear, anger, sadness and joy. And that emotion is the most critical part of connecting with any person let alone your base.

The plain and simple fact is that if you don't connect emotionally, you don't connect at all. Your efforts are completely wasted.

No matter how brilliant your strategy is.

No matter how clever your headline is.

No matter how attention-getting your design is.

All of which means emotion needs to be the heartbeat of every piece of communication your organization produces -- from emails to web content, flyers to videos.

The first step in building that deep connection with your donors and prospects is to put yourself in their shoes. Get a deep understanding of them. Survey them. Talk with them. Eavesdrop on their online conversations. What are their concerns? What gets their blood boiling? How do they define joy?

When you understand their heart, you become a better communicator. As you become empathetic.

Every piece of content needs to start with that empathy. It needs to be part of the title or headline of your posts or mailers. And it needs to be in your opening sentence and paragraph.

Every. Single. Time.

Without that emotion, you'll not engage. And they will hit the 'delete' button or move to another site in a blink of an eye. Remember: the average consumer is exposed to 362 ad exposures and over 5,000 brand exposures daily, according to respected research giant Yankelovich in a 2014 study.

Needless to say, it's crowded in the content cosmos. You greatly enhance the odds of your organization's message resonating with your audience by getting emotional with them.