"Measure what matters."

- B Corp Website

It strikes a resounding chord in me.

And I bet I'm not alone.

Your product can only be improved and optimized when you measure what matters.

It's a point that was brought home to me a few weekends ago while working at a Habitat for Humanity build site in Portland's Cully District. My team built porticos over a front porch and back patio. To make sure the roof over each area was level, the team leader did a double and triple measure of what really mattered: the posts and support beams.

Which got me thinking about how this measuring philosophy also happens to be part of the benefit corporation movement. It's all about putting metrics to what is called the 3 P's, or People, Planet and Profit.

In our soon-to-be released book, "Putting Soul into Business," you will find just how this powerful legal structure now available in two-thirds of the U.S. can become a force in your own business, no matter how large or small.

The good news for you is that it's something your customers and future prospects are demanding. And it's something the planet needs.

"People are waking up, driven by a personal purpose, wondering how they can run a business and give back to the greater community," said Hussein Al-Baiaty, CEO of The Printory, and one of 11 business professionals interviewed for the book. As a benefit corporation, you tell the world your business is no longer solely about making money. It's about making a positive impact on your employees, community and the environment.  

You gather the appropriate metrics and share with your stakeholders through an annual benefit report on your website. Stakeholders see what you're doing in regard to social justice, equity and environmental issues. "I can't see a scenario where this structure would not be appropriate. We all want to build healthy communities," said Shannon Keith, CEO of Sudara, Inc., another business professional we interviewed.

To learn more, you can visit the Oregon Secretary of State's website or read our recent article about benefit companies in the Portland Business Journal. You can also take a simple test to find out if your business is a good candidate to become a benefit company by going here. Watch for the release of our book "Putting Soul into Business" coming soon.