Have you ever found yourself wondering how you got to where you are? Where you really took a deep dive and started turning over rocks and getting introspective?

Here's my story...

Some really good things have been going on in my personal and professional lives. And I finally took the time to try and find out why that was the case.

During the past 5 years, I've felt in constant battle mode with my mind. Initially, the battle was all about the "bad" things that have happened to me.

Dumb decisions I made.

Idiotic projects I chose to work on.

Dysfunctional relationships I entered into.

But then...

... things started "going my way."

My work got better.

My relationships improved.

I started working on a deep, meaningful project changing me and possibly my mark on the world. (Hint: The 3 P's)

Was it just dumb luck or something else? I really wanted to know.

So I went through a process of asking important questions to myself. Then I would let things "marinade" for a bit. I continued this for a couple of weeks. And then I came across this quote:

"Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get."

- Author Unknown

I paused.

It got me thinking about how I've pooh-poohed this concept a good majority of my life. After all, the universe could not be that predictable could it? Too many life mysteries abound and it couldn't be the case where something that seems so black and white could possibly be true?

I know awhile back I made a concerted effort to shift my mindset where gratitude and kindness became operating principles almost out of default. Because the plain and simple reason was that being angry and judgmental did not serve me well.

But outside of that, I was stumped.

So I started dissecting the last few years of my life.    

I realized how much I have been putting myself out there to help others. Things like feeding the houseless, helping friends, doing public service work, lending my ear, being a mentor, pushing myself to be a better human being.

To my family.

To my friends.

To my community.

Which I'd unconsiously been doing since that change in mindset.

And then it hit me...

...just like a boomerang in the back of my head.

This getting what you're giving thing has a whole lot of credence to it. In fact, I am living proof.

Which is why I suggest you do that if you find yourself lost on your life's journey. 

Try giving a bit more of yourself by putting your heart and soul into things. Don't do it expecting anything in return. Just be grateful for the experience. For the opportunity to be helpful. To be kind.

My bet is you'll end up not only feeling things are turning your way but you've actually found yourself. And using a GPS has nothing to do with it.

A boomerang works just fine.