How It Gets Done

My work can be best described as heart surgery without the scrubs. Because to create engaging content I need to know what resonates deep-down, emotionally with my audience. So I work diligently to see what moves them, how they view their world and how their trust gets earned.

Whether you need content created for a blog, website, social media platform, video, podcast or another digital medium, I can help you engage with your audience no matter how the communication is delivered. 

Blog Posts:  What is important to your audience? What can you offer them that your competitors aren't? How do you build trust with your prospects? I work with you to find the topics then craft posts, articles and listicles in your brand's voice and tone. 

Website Content: Every effective website needs to answer these three questions. First, who you are and why you do what you do? Second, what is your product or service? And lastly, why should your audience care? I can help you write engaging, SEO-friendly and inspiring content. 

Social Media: How do you build a following on a social platform? You start with content that sparks a conversation with followers to earn their trust and create a following of brand advocates. I brainstorm with you to discover topics important to your audience and write posts to build your online community. 

Video Scripting: According to Entrepreneur, 80 percent of online content will be video by 2019. Plenty of other credible organizations suggest the same explosive growth. I can help you strategize, write or produce video content including thought leader interviews,  explainer videos and case studies.

Podcast Development: In 2016, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 listened to a monthly podcast according to Pew Research Center. How do you use this rapidly growing content delivery vehicle for your brand? I can help your organization concept, structure and produce an on-going podcast that engages with your audience.

Manifesto: Different from mission and vision statements, a manifesto is your bold plan for a better world, for healthier communities. It's a moral compass that will guide and define your brand to both external and internal audiences. I can help you determine if a brand manifesto makes sense for your organization.

Providence Health Services
Blog - Health Benefits of Coffee
It not only tastes good but it's good for you? Tons of research says so about coffee. This is just one of 41 blog posts researched and written over 45 days to give organic traffic a boost on the Providence health blog. Of course coffee helped me do it.


Worksystems Inc.
Article - Dividends of BankWork$
No doubt that social proof is one of the strongest tools to add credibility to a story. And so it goes with a feature story developed for a job training program called BankWork$ and interviews of the students and professionals involved in its success.


H Collaborative
Blog - Secret to Communication
When you use the word “secret” in a headline, research tells you it’s impossible to ignore. Human curiosity must be satisfied. Needless to say, this was a very sticky post about the need for empathy in crafting any piece of communication.

211 Info
Manifesto - We Have a Calling
How do today's businesses take a stand? A brand manifesto differs from your mission statement. Intentions may be the same, but the language is not. While the mission statement is left-brain and logical, the manifesto is right-brain and emotional. 


Providence Health Services
Blog - Worrisome Superbug
Here’s another healthcare post in the 41 blogs in 45 days series for my favorite healthcare provider. It’s a classic problem-solution approach based on heavy-duty research from the American Society for Microbiology and the CDC.


Interfaith Alliance on Poverty
How does an organization communicate its deep emotional principles and core values with power and heart? Create a website and content that trumpets that organization’s uniqueness to its key stakeholders and touches their souls.


100 Neighborhoods
Video - Friday's Cruel Lottery
Can communities and businesses work together to solve food insecurity in some of Portland's lower income neighborhoods? A video done for nonprofit Impact Northwest examines the challenges and solutions in this compelling story.


H Collaborative
Blog - Why Be Kind in a Cruel World
If there's an idea whose time has come in these turbulent times, it's kindness. In fact, everyone from Jeff Bezos to Panera Bread! weighs in on the merits of being kind. This may be my most read and shared blog post to date.